Create Healing Environments

These hectic and multi-functional spaces require a ceiling that’s very versatile. Key ceiling criteria in an emergency room includes water-resistant surfaces that are easy to clean to prevent infection, sound absorption and blocking to control unwanted sound, and light reflectance.

Re-purposing existing spaces for testing and isolation to address patient needs is a current need. The ability to clean these spaces to protect healthcare workers and patients is more important than ever before in the “new normal” era. Key ceiling system criteria in these spaces call for scrubbable, water-resistant surfaces that are easy to clean. Smooth, scrubbable ceiling panels where patients are being treated. Porous acoustical ceiling panels should be replaced with nonporous ceiling panels.

Clean Room Suspension Systems should be considered for the best performance in any healthcare space. Existing Suspension systems can be retrofitted with gasketing in areas needing a negative pressure environment.

Design Considerations

  • Sound absorption and blocking performance
    (Total Acoustics NRC + CAC) for reduced noise & maximum speech privacy
  • Anti-microbial and hygiene properties
  • Cleanablity, including washing with disinfectants
  • Clean Room performance
  • Material durability
  • Accessibility 
  • Ease of replacement 
  • Eco & health preferable products that contribute to Green Star & Well Building rating tools

Earthquake Design for Hospital Ceilings

In Australia, we get on average 100 earthquakes of magnitude of 3.0 or more each year; and magnitude 5.0 or more every one-to-two years. About every 10 years, we will experience a potentially damaging earthquake of magnitude 6.0 or more.

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