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Who said Industrial interior designs don’t sound as good as they look?

Admittedly, we did.

Industrial interior design seems to be a growing trend. We understand why – Industrial Interior designs can look absolutely amazing.


  • High ceilings give the illusion of more space.
  • Exposing the structure, pipes, cables and AC ducting is now celebrated as opposed to being considered undesirable. Such features bring new character to interior spaces.
  • The trend doesn’t just allow for but celebrates recycled / salvaged materials.
  • Exposed brick, wood & metals each offer unique characteristics from warmth to durability.
  • Polished concreate surfaces look fantastic and provide ease of maintenance.

BUT we should note and remember that this exciting design trend appears to have stemmed from the repurposed factories of the 2nd Industrial Revolution.

We can’t but think: Were these buildings designed to enhance the health, wellbeing & comfort of people or were designed to accommodate machinery?

Did the fire, health & safety regulations that we enjoy and benefit from today exist back then?

Today, in 2021, lets take the best of historical Industrial designs & add what was missing for building occupants at the time.

We believe acoustic treatment is a great place to start. Then, today’s industrial interior designs will sound just as great as they look!

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