Fine Fissured & Fine Fissured High NRC

Fine Fissured acoustic ceiling tiles provide cost effective ‘TOTAL ACOUSTICS’ ceiling solutions. (the perfect balance of NRC + CAC). 

Fine Fissured ceilings have tried and proven performance and are available in a range of panel sizes and edge profiles.

Total Acoustics Performance


0.60 (Fine Fissured)
0.70 (Fine Fissured Hi NRC and Fine Fissured High NRC / CAC)


35 dB (Fine Fissured & Fine Fissured Hi NRC)
40 dB (Fine Fissured High NRC / CAC)

Product Attributes

Edge Detail

Board, Tegular 24
or Bevelled Tegular 15.

Grid System(s)

PeakForm Prelude XL Steel 24mm Tee, PeakForm Suprafine XL Steel 15mm Tee, Blue Tongue Aluminium Top Hat and Faced Faced Tee Systems. Refer to Data sheet for details


Wet-formed mineral fibre.
Factory applied acrylic paint.

Typical Sizes [mm]

600 x 600 x 15
1200 x 600 x 15

Panel Face Finish

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  • Group 1

  • Green Rate

  • Very Low Emissions

  • Total Acoustics

  • 42-61% Recycled Content

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