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INVISACOUSTICS Under Slab Ceiling Panels


INVISACOUSTICS delivers much needed sound absorption in “exposed structure” applications. 

An important, but often overlooked consideration when delivering contemporary industrial looks is acoustics.

Poor acoustical design can very quickly create an uncomfortable environment – despite how great it looks.

Under Slab Ceiling Panels

INVISACOUSTICS Is a cost effective acoustic panel and mounting grid system to reduce unwanted sound.

INVISACOUSTICS Under Slab Ceiling Panels

INVISACOUTICS panels can significantly reduce background noise levels and reverberation times within spaces and enhance speech intelligibility. 

The glasswool substrate provides high levels of absorption with panels being applied as a continuous “invisible” ceiling, or installed as a flexible array; or as a ‘discrete’ absorber when installed as separate decorative elements.

INVISACOUSTICS can be retro-fitted to most exposed structure applications and is a cost effective, direct mounted panel and mounting grid system, complete with perimeter trims. Panels are available in a range of colours, including Wood Effects.

Total Acoustics Performance


20mm board: 0.75
30mm board: 0.85

Product Attributes

Edge Detail

K4C4 Edge


Grid and hanger assembly. 
Please refer to installation instructions (right) for further information.


Glasswool substrate, with durable acoustically transparent scrim to all faces. Edges are solid paint sealed. 

Typical Sizes [mm]

600 x 1200 x 20
600 x 1200 x 30

Colour Options

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  • Group 1

  • Very Low Emissions

  • 80% Recycled Content

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