Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Australia


Mineral Fibre Acoustic Ceiling Systems

Sustainable, easy to handle and install ceiling systems that provide ideal combination of noise reduction and sound blocking.

Metal Ceilings, Exposed Grid Systems

Sustainable, durable & functional metal ceiling systems that offer design flexibility, acoustic performance and a contemporary visual. 

Metal Ceilings, Concealed Grid Systems

A sophisticated visual combined with durability, acoustical performance, flexible design, and a wide choice of finishes. The perfect solution for premium spaces. 

MetalWorks Linear Visuals

Create direction as well as great looking (and great sounding) ceilings with our range of Linear ceiling systems.

WoodWorks (Including Bamboo) Ceiling Systems

Ceiling systems that create warm, elegant & inviting spaces – acoustically.

HeraDesign Lay In Acoustic Panels

Sustainable wood wool acoustic panels that provide an increased sense of well-being.

Specialty Ceilings

Soundscapes Baffles & Floating Ceilings

SOUNDSCAPES® Baffles, Baffles Curves, Canopies, Capz & Shapes deliver inviting spaces – acoustically.

MetalWorks Baffles & Open Cell

Create direction and depth, while concealing the plenum space with our wide range of MetalWorks Baffles and Open Cell solutions.

MetalWorks Custom Ceilings

Creative freedom to deliver exciting spaces – sustainably in shapes, perforations, & colour effects.