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Ceilings for data centres



Data centres and computer rooms are often closely monitored and controlled to keep temperature, humidity and other environmental factors at safe levels. The right ceiling will help maintain levels and make it easy to move and add new equipment. 


Our integrated data centre ceiling solutions are designed for improved air flow management, load carrying capacity and adaptability. From easy reconfiguration of cable trays and electrical distribution to scratch-resistant ceiling tiles, we have a complete assortment of data centre ceiling solutions to fit your project needs. 

Prelude 24 MAX

The PRELUDE 24 MAX™ suspension system supports single point loads for cable trays, busways, hot aisle containment, and more.

Design Considerations

  • Load connector clips attach to the face of the suspension system to eliminate unsightly threaded rod penetrations through the ceiling plane to minimise unwanted air infiltration while improving access, cable tray layout options, and aesthetics.
  • Integrated hanging clips allow connection to M10 threaded rod for flexible and reconfigurable overhead cable tray and electrical distribution without a separate strut channel system.

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