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Ceiling panels guaranteed to be dimensionally stable in high humidity environments.


HumiGuard tiles can even be installed before buildings are enclosed, despite the high humidity.

Ceiling installations are facing more and more demanding humidity conditions such as fast track programmes, buildings that are non air-conditioned or with intermittent heating and cooling, areas with a high concentration of people, structures which are semi-open to the exterior environment, etc. 

Guaranteed Dimensional Stability

We stand behind our ceiling system performance with a guarantee that HumiGuard ceilings will resist visible sag in accordance with AS/NZS 2785:2020 Suspended Ceiling – Design & Installation.

Most indoor conditions for normal occupancy are designed to be in the range of 15 to 29°C and 40 to 70% RH. However, modern building techniques and specialist areas within buildings mean that conditions can sometimes exceed these ranges in either construction or occupancy stage.

To meet these requirements Armstrong offer a wide range of standard products suitable for installation in conditions of up to 99% relative humidity, within a 0-49°C temperature range, as well as specialist products, such as Bioguard Acoustic OP RH100, which excel in extreme conditions of up to 100% relative humidity. 

This RH99 category of products provides validated performance required for all high humidity applications just short of standing water, direct water contact or exteriors. We stand behind the performance with a factory system guarantee against visible sag.

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HUMIDITY RESISTANT ceilings are ideal for:

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