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Total Noise Control and Design Flexibility

Acoustics Overview

Easy to handle and install, our wide range of mineral fibre ceilings provide acoustical solutions for every space. Whether your spaces requires high sound absorption, or high sound attenuation or a balance of both, our mineral fibre, metal or wood ceiling systems will not only ensure great acoustics – but also a great look to match!

Total Acoustics Performance

The Open Plan Range

The dB Range

SoundScapes Floating Ceilings

Total Acoustics Performance (NRC + CAC)

Provides a balance between Absorption & Blocking and provide total flexibility in any space


  • Total Acoustics ceiling panels feature the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound attenuation.
  • Noise can impede concentration, healing, and learning. 
  • Total Acoustics ceiling tiles feature the ideal combination of both sound absorption and sound attenuation – giving you complete noise control and design flexibility for every space. 
  • These tiles meet the needs of both open and closed plan environments, so the ceiling has the ideal acoustical performance even if your facility manager needs to reconfigure spaces. 

NRC Absorb + CAC Block =
Total Acoustics Performance


Total Acoustics
=NRC 0.60-0.65
and CAC 35+dB

Spaces where less sound absorption is required but sound blocking is needed to maintain privacy between adjacent areas.

  • Fine Fissured
  • MetalWorks with B15 MF Infill*
  • WoodWorks with B15 MF Infill*

Total Acoustics
=NRC 0.70-0.75
and CAC 35+dB

Spaces where strong sound absorption and sound blocking are needed for all-around acoustical performance.

  • Fine Fissured High NRC
  • Ultima**
  • Bioguard Acoustic **
  • MetalWorks with B19 MF Infill*
  • WoodWorks with B19 MF Infill*

Total Acoustics
=NRC 0.60-0.80
and CAC 40+dB

High traffic spaces or multipurpose spaces where maximum sound absorption and sound blocking are needed to help keep noise levels down and prevent disruption to adjacent spaces.

  • Ultima OP dB**
  • MetalWorks with OP dB MF Infill*
  • WoodWorks with OP dB MF Infill*

** CAC 40dB Min
* System dependent – contact your Armstrong Technical Representative

The Open Plan Range

For High Absorption and improved concentration


  • Reduces noise disturbance
  • Controls excessive sound reflections
  • Ideal for Open Plan spaces:
    – With low height or no partition offices
    – Co-working or Team based environments
  • Perfect for libraries

The dB Range

For High Attenuation and provides the right confidentiality


  • Keeps conversations private
  • Reduces noise transfer between rooms
  • Ideal for private rooms or cellular offices

Floating Ceilings

Quiet, yet inspiring spaces


  • Reduces ambient noise and reverberation
  • Reduces unwanted sound travelling to adjacent spaces
  • Improves concentration and productivity
  • Reduces distractions

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