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Ceilings with High Light Reflectance create brighter, more effective places to work, heal and learn.


High Light Reflective surfaces harvest natural daylight into the building interior to enhance productivity and wellness.

Daylight and electrical lighting represent the two primary sources of lighting in the workplace. The light reflectance of the ceiling, floor and wall surfaces play the second most important role for overall illumination of the room, directly affecting working comfort and productivity.  

Ceiling systems are a key element of energy conservation. A well-designed ceiling with high light reflectance improves space illumination, allowing for fewer light fixtures, a reduced electrical light output, lower maintenance costs and a reduced cooling load.

Growing awareness of new, energy-saving lighting often overlooks the integral role of the ceiling. A high light reflectance ceiling – LR 0.85 or greater per ASTM E1477-98 as referred to in ASTM E1264-98 – makes these lighting systems, especially indirect lighting, more effective while further reducing energy costs and consumption.

High light reflectance ceilings contribute to GREEN STAR, WELL,  LEED and BREEAM credits by improving visual comfort. 


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