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How can you select the most sustainable ceiling solution for your project?

With many competing environmental claims, it can be difficult and time consuming to research and compare all the options. Finding and specifying high performance sustainable ceiling solutions is now fast and easy.

Just look for the sustainable ceiling solutions icon and choose from a complete offering of mineral and metal ceilings that have the highest 3rd Party Certification, are recyclable and contribute to Green Star & WELL Building Rating programs.

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Indoor Air Quality

Acoustical Comfort

Visual Comfort


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Indoor air quality



The World Health Organization reports that 30% of new and renovated buildings receive excessive complaints related to indoor air quality. In addition, poor air quality, and elevated temperatures, consistently lowered employee performance by up to 10%.



  • Achieve low or very low VOC and formaldehyde emission levels (Tested by CETEC Laboratories to satisfy Green Star IEQ).
  • Have all been classified E1 for formaldehyde (best test result possible).
  • For a large majority, achieve A+ (the best performance level under the stringent French VOC labeling system).

Good to Know

Low VOC emission ceiling products contribute to Green Star, LEED®, BREEAM, and WELL Building Standard credits.

In certain indoor spaces such as laboratories, it is essential to limit the number of airborne particles by creating a Clean Room-type environment using products certified in accordance with ISO 14644-1.

Armstrong offers solutions for areas requiring minimal to the most stringent requirements.

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Acoustical Comfort



In a recent study 77% of people prefer quiet when they need to concentrate and 53% of workers are distracted by others when trying to focus. Speech has been identified as the most distracting sound, but all other sources have an effect.

In all types of spaces, choosing the right acoustical ceiling solution, whether the requirement is for intelligibility, concentration or confidentiality will ultimately enhance the end user’s overall comfort.



Ceiling Ceiling clouds, canopies, and vertical baffles are appropriate solutions to complement low/high furniture systems within and between areas. Select high sound absorptive products with NRC ≥ 0.70 such as Ultima, Ultima OP or Soundscapes Shapes or Soundscapes Baffles.


High to mid absorption and Attenuation rated ceilings, moderate to high furniture panels, and electronic sound masking are all design elements to consider. Select ceiling systems with Total Acoustics performance: NRC + CAC (such as Ultima, Ultima OP dB or MetalWorks with B19 Infills).


High attenuation and moderate absorption rated ceilings, high attenuation rated walls, and electronic sound masking are all design elements to consider. Select ceiling systems with Total Acoustics performance: NRC + CAC (such as Ultima, Ultima OP dB or MetalWorks with B19 Infills). 

Visual Comfort



The light reflectance of the ceiling, floor and wall surfaces play the second most important role for overall illumination of the room, directly affecting working comfort, wellbeing and productivity.


Specifying high light reflectance ceilings contributes to GREEN STAR, LEED®, BREEAM and WELL Building Standards credits.

A well-designed ceiling with high light reflectance:

  • Improves space illumination, allowing for fewer light fixtures
  • Reduces electrical light output and lowers maintenance costs
  • Reduces cooling load

High light reflectance ceilings, such as ULTIMA up to 88% of the light back into the space.

Island ceilings, such as SOUNDSCAPES Clouds & Canopies, installed over a working place improve the light reflection for better comfort for the end user.

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Recycling old ceilings and diverting from landfill.


Not only are Armstrong ceiling panels produced from recycled material, they are fully recyclable.

Armstrong’s “Ceiling-2-Ceiling” Recycling Program is now available for Australian customers*.

Armstrong mineral fibre ceiling products* may be “taken back” (Reclaimed) at the end of their useful lifecycle, “recycled” at an Armstrong plant, thus “reducing” solid waste in landfills, preserving natural resources, energy and water.

Armstrong’s “Ceiling To Ceiling” Recycling Program is a simple alternative for building owners, who in the past had no alternative but to ship old ceiling panels to landfill, which is environmentally
undesirable and also becoming more expensive.

MetalWorks™ ceiling panels can be reclaimed and recycled locally via our Authorised Recycling Partners.

*Please contact us for further information.

Image: Old mineral fibre panels being recycled at an Armstrong facility.

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